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The reasons are as varied as the people. Some choose to jump for the thrill of it. Some choose to jump for the freedom that it allows. Some partake as part of a community and have goals larger than themselves. For many,  jumping is a form of personal therapy and growth or it’s a new way to challenge themselves mentally and physically. There are simply too many incredible reasons to skydive!

You’ve simply never seen such a crystal-clear blue. Jumpers wait for the entire year-round for the season we now find ourselves enjoying, and it’s the absolute perfect time for you to make your first jump! 

So you’re thinking of making your first ever skydive.  You’ve gone deep down the YouTube rabbit hole and watched everything from tandem skydives to wingsuits carving down mountain slopes inches above the terrain, and there are more than a few things that you’re not so sure about; so with that in mind, here’s answers to a few of the more common questions and comments we hear as professional skydivers.

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