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Tis almost the season… already? Yup, that’s right. It’s almost time to start planning that last minute Halloween costume and carving pumpkins, and next thing you know it’ll be sleigh bells ringing. Along with the kids on Christmas night, those babies that we call our rigs will be lovingly tucked away for at least some, if not all of the winter. Inevitably for many of us, that means that the beginning of next season starts off with dusting off unused skills, recurrency jumps, and paperwork; but thankfully there’s a way around some of that!

Earning your A License is an incredible achievement. It’s one that takes drive, determination and focus, but it’s also a goal you’ve achieved that had someone to help guide your way, answer your questions and tell you what comes next; but what about after the big “A” stamp is on your forehead and you’ve gotten heaps of congratulations? 

We're almost There...

Chicago winters seem to get harder and harder to endure every year. We're through the worst of it and there's finally some light at the end of the tunnel. Safety Day is coming up on Saturday, March 16th. We hope you can join us for a fun, educational day of presentations and discussions on the most important safety topics in our industry today. Many of us who have been skydiving for a while need this event to review emergency procedures and discuss any new and trending safety issues going on around the skydiving industry. It's also a great chance for new/newer jumpers to continue their education. Lunch will be served. Afterwards, stick around for a great St. Patty's Day party in the Flight Deck Bar & Grill. 

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