Make your event one they will never forget

The professional demonstration parachute team of CSC is always a crowd pleaser.


A team of professional skydivers descending into your event adds excitement for your guests. Our team of professional athletes can land their parachutes in just about any lawn, field, beach, festival or stadium.



Every demonstration jump must be approved by the FAA and requires a site survey by our team. Please give us at least 30 days notice to allow enough time to make all the necessary arrangements and file paperwork. Once a site is approved, Chicagoland Skydiving Center takes care of the administrative work, ground crew, pilot & jumper scheduling, etc.

csc-demo-jumpIt’s your event and we will do everything we can to make sure that it is memorable. We can customize this event with colored smoke, flags, streamers, costumes (must be approved by our team), delivering a game ball, or by adding more jumpers - just let us know what would make the jump unique for you.

Please contact to plan your demonstration jump.

We have done demonstration jumps for many companies and organizations, including: