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Safe aircraft and safe pilots are vital to the success and growth of our dropzone and skydiving school. We put our friends and family in our aircraft every day, so we only accept pilots and mechanics who operate at the safest level possible. Whether you’re jumping or enjoying an observer ride in the cockpit, we invite you to sit back and enjoy your short trip to jump altitude in our turbine aircraft.

tip_icons_check_mark TIP: If you’re comparing skydiving operations, note that not every facility operates the same aircraft or maintains them to the same standards.

Your wait time, time spent in the plane and altitude you can jump from may vary depending on the type of plane you’re jumping from. Be sure to ask about these details before you make any skydiving reservation!

Our aircraft can be made available for rental for skydiving, military airborne operations training, aerial cinematography and media event coverage. Please contact Sky Team Aviation for rates and availability.

N901ST Cessna Grand Caravan C-208B Garrett AeroTwin Supervan

Cessna Grand Caravan C208B Supervan - N901ST

Capacity: 18 Jumpers
Loads Per Hour: 3.5

Jumpers Per Hour: 66 Jumpers
This 950hp jumpship is our latest aircraft and is the most fuel efficient aircraft in the industry 


Cessna Caravan C208 Caravan - N208JP

Capacity: 14 Jumpers
Loads Per Hour: 2.5

Jumpers Per Hour: 35 Jumpers
"Juliet Pop" used to be Jimmy Buffett's personal aircraft