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Chicagoland Skydiving Center is equipped to handle your media needs. With highly trained skydivers, pilots, versatile aircraft and professional aerial photographers and videographers, we want to find an amazing way to bring your vision to life. Please contact us to discuss your specific production needs.

reporter-nick-toma-skydivingReporters and News Crews

Reporters interested in making tandem jumps, riding in our aircraft, or shooting a story at CSC should contact our marketing director. The highly experienced CSC team can work with you on the ground and in the air to get your story.

Television Commercials and Promotional Videos

CSC’s professional skydivers are some of the best flyers in the world. Let us assemble the team to create an interesting and exciting promotional piece for your client. Our skydivers can find a safe way to jump in just about any costume or outfit and carry a variety of items along. We like a challenge - let’s hear your ideas!

Aerial Photography

High resolution photos can be taken from our aircraft, in freefall and while flying a parachute. Specialized photography helmet setups allow our aerial photographers to get a truly unique angle. From event coverage to product photos to fashion or catalog shoots, our photo team can get the shot.

Skydiving Stunts

CSC professional skydivers can perfect stunts in freefall and while flying their parachutes. We have coordinated demonstration jumps, freefall stunts for promotional videos and made exciting appearances at events. Highly trained skydivers and aerial videographers combine their talents to get the shot.

Film Production

CSC works with the industry-leading aerial cinematographers to coordinate film productions. TV shows, movies - no production is too small or too large to handle. We take pride in putting the right team in place to deliver what a director needs. Our team can accommodate shoot locations throughout the midwest United States.