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Tandem Skydiving Prices

At CSC, we believe that the price of a skydive is much more than the money you spend on your jump. Consider the value of your time, safety, and the overall take-away you're looking to get from your once-in-a-lifetime experience. CSC is a solar-powered facility (the first and only solar skydiving facility in the world) filled with an amazing team of people who give back by supporting a number of charitables including the Oscar Mike Foundation. From customer service, "green" facilities, fuel-efficient aircraft, to enjoying that post-jump beer at the Flight Deck Bar & Grill. CSC has been designed and purpose-built from the ground up to be a complete entertainment venue to introduce you and your friends to the amazing world of skydiving. We hope you choose to jump with us. 




:30 Second Freefall

Exit Altitude - 9,000'

    • as low as $179.99

    • 10 minute aircraft flight
    • :30 second freefall
    • 5 - 6 minute parachute flight
    • Video & photo options
    • No deposit required
    • Save money by choosing off-peak class times/days
    • $20 pre-payment discount applied at checkout
    • Retail - $269.99

Pricing Breakdown

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:90 Second Freefall

Exit Altitude - 18,000'

  • as low as $379.99


    • 20 minute aircraft flight (with oxygen)
    • :90 second freefall
    • 5 - 6 minute parachute ride
    • Video & photo options
    • No deposit required
    • Available June 1 - August 31
    • Monday - Friday anytime
    • Saturdays & Sundays before 9:00am
    • Student/hero, group, & birthday discounts available
    • $20 pre-payment discount applied at checkout
    • Retail - $419.99
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Group Rates (for 14,000' & 18,000' jumps)
3 - 5 People >

$10 off per person

6 - 10 People >

$20 off per person

11+ People >

$30 off per person

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Most people celebrate their birthday with a night out or a nice dinner. We go a few steps further to give you an adrenaline-packed day followed with the option for a dinner and a drink to keep the party going. 


Learn More about Birthday Discounts


Student & Hero Special - Save $50 off the retail price of a tandem skydive.


Eligible: students, teachers, fire, police, EMT, dispatch, and military. Offer valid only for 14,000' & 18,000' skydives. Valid ID required. Discount will be applied at check-in. Discount applied to retail price. Not to be combined with any other offer. 




All participants must be at least 18 years of age. No parental consent forms. 


The weight limit is 250lbs. All participants are weighed (discreetly) at check-in. Due to equipment maintenance costs, instructor workload, and increased fuel consumption, jumpers weighing 200lbs - 220lbs will be charged a $25.00 surcharge, jumpers weighing 221lbs - 240lbs will be charged a $35.00 surcharge, and jumpers weighing 241lbs - 250lbs will be charged a $45.00 surcharge upon arrival. Learn more about why dropzones charge more for heavier tandem guests.


Discounts are only available on purchases made directly from CSC. Third party vouchers are not eligible for special incentives or additional discounts. Promotions may not be combined - one deal per visit.


CSC does not charge cancellation or rescheduling fees. If CSC reschedules your appointment due to weather concerns, your jump price is valid for one year from original reservation date. Guests who wait longer than one year to use jump reservation will be responsible for any difference in cost for the current retail price of their booked service.


Group discounts may not be paired with other coupons or specials. Discounts will be applied automatically when group sizes are reached. If you create a group reservation, a unique group ID code will be generated when you complete the booking. Share the ID code with friends so they can claim and pay for a spot in your group. If you are joining a group, click the "Join a Group" button when you begin your reservation, and enter the ID code provided by your group coordinator.


*All listed prices reflect a 3.5% cash discount.