CSC flies turbine aircraft every day (Super Caravan, PAC 750XL, and Super Twin Otter). Belly, freefly, wingsuit and CRW load organizers throughout the week for jumpers of all skill levels. Weekend mentors are available at no cost for jumpers with less than 100 jumps.

Check out our skydiving events calendar for details about boogies, camps, 2018 Nationals, and more. 

Experienced Jump Prices

14,000ft: as low as $22

5,000ft hop n' pop: $20
18,000ft w/oxygen: $30 (available June-Aug only)

Experienced Jumper Specials
  • Discount Wednesdays (May - Sept): $5 off slots all day
  • Load 1 Club: $5 off your slots all day when you jump on load one before 8:00am (Saturdays and Sundays only, excludes special event dates)
  • Refer a tandem student, receive a free 14k jump or $20 cash, your choice
  • Refer a Freefall University student, receive 5 free 14k jumps upon their A License completion


  • 10 Jump Package: $245 ($24.50/jump)
  • 50 Jump Package: $1,175 ($23.50/jump) 
  • 100 Jump Package: $2,300 ($23.00/jump)
  • 150 Jump Package: $3,375 ($22.50/jump)
  • 200 Jump Package: $4,400 ($22.00/jump)

CSC PRO Pass: The industry's original all-you-can-jump membership.

One month Unlimited Pass: Choose any 30 consecutive days. REQUEST YOUR 2018 DATES NOW!


Team Discounts available for 50, 75, and 100+ jump commitments. Incentives available to teams include:

  • Discounted slot rates
  • Discounted packing rates
  • Access to discounted tunnel rates at iFLY Naperville through CSC account
  • Pre-manifesting priveleges 
  • Load one reservations and start time commitment permitted the night before a training day
  • Turn loads permitted on weekdays
  • Pre-season team room reservations via CSC Teams Manager
  • Pre-season locker reservations via CSC Teams Manager

Please contact the CSC Teams Manager if you are interested in training at CSC.


Please contact us prior to your visit to set up an appointment. We will make an instructor available to review safety information and get you back in the air. Training may vary depending on your experience level and how much time has passed since your last skydive. Gear rental is available with main canopies size 150-300 sq ft.

For questions about jumping at CSC, prices, or jump packages, please contact our Customer Care team at or 815.561.3663.

*All listed prices reflect a 3% cash discount.

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