Freefall University Skydive SchoolChicagoland Skydiving Center instructors are excited to teach new skydivers. We love this sport and want you to enjoy becoming part of the sky family. Students from all over the world choose to complete their training at Freefall University. We are here to help you along this amazing journey.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the program, pricing, or which options are right for you. We welcome students who began training at other dropzones to finish their A License with us at CSC.

Ground School

$175 Private | $100 Semi-Private

Your first step towards jumping solo

pre-jump classroom session

Freefall University Level 1 Skydive


Your First Solo Skydive

A License Training Package



includes required solo skydives for licensing

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Skydive Camps

Register online or by calling CSC at 815.561.3663

Skydive Camps begin with ground school and allow students to focus their training over the next 10 days (includes two weekends).

To attend a Skydive Camp, students prepay their A License Course base price plus have access to free tent camping on the dropzone ($150+ savings).

Price includes gear rental and aerial instruction. Some students may incur additional cost to repeat levels or complete needed solo jumps.

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Ground School

This must be completed before your Freefall University training jumps can begin. Students will need to pass a written test before making an AFF jump.

  • $175 USD per person for a private first jump course. 
  • $100 USD per person for a semi-private first jump course. Save 50% by attending a Freefall U orientation.
  • Ground School - Please sign up in advance online or by calling us at 815.561.3663


Training Tandems

Freefall University candidates must complete two training tandems before moving onto the solo jump portion of Freefall U. Training tandems include more instruction than the typical introductory tandem jump. Students should expect to learn freefall maneuvers, demonstrate altitude awareness, deploy their parachute, and fly a parachute landing pattern with assistance from the instructor.

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“A” License Jumps

Each jump in the program is designed to progress you through the United States Parachute Association A License proficiency card, which you will need to complete in order to be issued your license. 

Each jump must be completed in a satisfactory manner before you will be able to move onto the next level. Your instructor will work with you to make the most efficient use of your time and money to complete all the requirements.

  • AFF Jumps $249.99 USD each (7 required) AFF stands for Accelerated Freefall, the name of the training method. During AFF jumps, students wear their own parachute and are assisted by an instructor in freefall while learning basic maneuvers and emergency procedures. Students are also assisted via radio while flying a parachute.
  • Coach Jumps $199.99 USD each (6 required) Coach jumps are completed after all AFF levels have been passed and instructors determine the student is ready for more independence. Students are assisted in freefall by a coach, and will learn more advanced maneuvers required for skydiving with others.
  • Hop n Pops $139.99 USD each (2 required) These jumps simulate the procedures a skydiver must know in the event of an aircraft emergency. Students are taught how to exit the plane and deploy a parachute with minimal freefall.
  • Student Solo Jumps $139.99 USD each These jumps are prepped and debriefed by a coach or instructor, but performed without assistance in freefall. Students learn independence and have an opportunity to practice maneuvers while working toward the minimum required 25 jumps to apply for an A License.

All prices include instruction, equipment, debrief, and radio guidance while flying the parachute.


  • $260 USD Unlicensed Recurrency Training is required when a student takes an extended break between jumps. Students who have not jumped in the past 30 days need refresher training. Save money by attending one of our monthly free first jump courses to satisfy the ground training portion of your recurrency training.
  • Tunnel Training at an indoor skydiving facility is strongly encouraged for all students. These are excellent learning environments to practice freefall skills. Students with tunnel experience are much more successful in the Freefall University program. CSC coordinates a group of jumpers to fly together each week at iFLY Naperville, and students who join in receive discounted rates and free coaching.



USPA charges an annual membership fee to register your license. These will be paid directly to USPA.

Gear rental is available until you are ready to purchase your own equipment. A variety of sizes are available so you can continue your parachute flight skills progression.

Jumpers with 26 - 100 jumps receive free coaching from experienced mentors via Freefall U's Wingman Mentoring Program. The only cost is your own jump slot. Beyond that, CSC conducts regular skills camps, advanced parachute flight courses, wingsuit courses, and group skydiving opportunities throughout the season.

*All listed prices reflect 3% cash discount.
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