2020 Independence Boogie

Cancelled - sorta...

CSC Independence Boogie 2020

Celebrate the 4th of July... In September!

As much as we don't want to move this event, we believe that it's the right thing to do. We don't feel that an event like this falls within the State of Illinois' recommendations. We hope that restrictions will ease over the coming months and we can host an amazing event.

Our goal for 2020 is to host an amazing weekend of fun and challenging skydives and de-emphasize the late night shenanigans that usually result in questionable social distancing. Let's play it safe (by tossing ourselves out of airplanes with masks on). Next year, we'll go big! We will have a Otter, Supervan, and a heli here at CSC. Please come out and enjoy our local organizers, the Wingman mentoring program, and the speciality aircraft. 

Aircraft, organizers, and special event agendas will be posted here as the event gets closer. Get registered today!

  • Plenty of amazing load organizers
  • Amazing food
  • No boogie fee
  • No registration required
  • Beer Olympics
  • Amazing fireworks display
  • Vendors
  • Plenty of lift capacity
  • Helicopter (Sat/Sun)


Staying on the DZ? Camping is $10/night/person. CSC's RV park is completely full, but we can accommodate RVs that don't need services. Looking for a hotel? Be sure to ask the local hotels for the skydiver discount. Click here for more information.