2020 Independence Boogie

July 1 - 5, 2020

The Midwest's Best 4th of July event is on! Aircraft, organizers, and special event agendas will be posted here. We will be closing off registration at 300 registrants to ensure a strong load organizer/jumper ratio. Get registered today!

  • Plenty of amazing load organizers
  • Beer Olympics
  • Amazing fireworks display
  • Vendors
  • Plenty of lift capacity
  • Helicopter

July 1 - Unofficial start of the event with $22 jumps all day. No organizers, just cheap jumps!

July 2 - Official start of the 2020 Independence Boogie followed by the World Famous Beer Olympics

July 3 - 'Murica Night and fireworks display - Nothing says America like sangria under the beautiful summer skies of Rochelle, IL

July 4 - Superheros & Villains Party including all-American burgers & dogs cookout and beer - Come dressed in your world saving or ending attire.

July 5 - All-American Beach Party (starts at 5:00pm) - What better way to relax from the 100 jumps you made this week than to sip a fruity drink poolside? The pool will be filled and the drinks cold!

CSC Jumpers Facebook Group

Load Organizers

  • Richö Butts - XRW
  • Gian Franco - Freefly
  • Mike Wittenburg - Freefly
  • LDL - Freefly
  • Regan Tetlow - RW
  • Erica Mundinger - RW
  • Simon Bones - Freefly
  • Mike Di Lisi - Freefly
  • Maxine Tate - RW
  • Sandy Grillet - RW
  • Raymond Adams - Video
  • Wes Sandler - Wingsuit
  • Michael Hoover - Wingsuit
  • Adam Wirtz - Wingsuit/Freefly


Staying on the DZ? Camping is $10/night/person. CSC's RV park is completely full, but we can accommodate RVs that don't need services. Looking for a hotel? Be sure to ask the local hotels for the skydiver discount. Click here for more information.