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When you complete Freefall U, you'll be able to jump with friends anywhere in the world.


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Freefall University Skydiving School ChicagoFreefall University Skydiving School at CSC offers a United States Parachute Association (USPA) approved training progression. Chicagoland Skydiving Center is an official USPA Training Center and Group Member dropzone. 

We have a perfect student safety record, and are proud of it. As Chicagoland's original skydive school (established in 1968), we've trained more people to skydive than any other company in the region. Become part of the CSC legacy. Best Skydiving in Chicago

After completing Freefall U, you will have earned your USPA A license. This license allows you to skydive all over the world.

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We offer free ground schools throughout the season to help you save money and get started on your training. If you're interested in fast tracking your training, consider joining us for one of our Freefall U Skydive Camps. Skydive Camp begins with a free ground school and is designed for people who are able to dedicate 10 days to be on-site everyday jumping. This really is summer camp for adults. We work hard all day to build your skills. You'll meet some amazing people and gain lifelong friendships while learning how to jump out of an airplane! Bring a tent or grab a hotel room nearby and we'll get you licensed in no time.

2022 Free Ground School Dates (start at 8:00am)
May 14 June 4 June 25 July 16
August 6 August 27 September 24 October 8
2022 Skydive Camp Dates
June 4 - 12 June 25 - July 3 July 16 - 24
August 6 - 14 August 27 - Sept 4   Sept 24 - Oct 2


Freefall University Course:

  • Ground school course
  • Training tandems for hands-on parachute flight instruction (not included in pre-paid package price)
  • AFF (Accelerated Freefall) training jumps
  • 1-on-1 jumps with USPA coaches
  • Parachute flight instruction
  • Ground instruction on equipment and flight regulations
  • A free aircraft observer flight with one of our jump pilots
  • Parachute packing training (paid directly to packing staff)

Why Freefall University is the Top-Rated Skydive School

  • Perfect student safety record
  • Every coach & instructor has earned a USPA instructional rating(s)
  • We only use the most modern and advanced student gear available (replaced every three years)
  • Our students have access to wind tunnel training at iFLY Chicago (additional fees apply)
  • Our school is sponsored by Larsen & Brusgaard, the top altimeter manufacturer in the world, meaning our students use digital visual and audible altimeters (while other dropzones use old school analog tools)
  • CSC offers financing and payment plans
  • We include our students in our jumper community and special events
  • Our program prepares you to jump anywhere, not just where you learned
  • Freefall U graduates get free coaching via our exclusive Wingman Mentoring Program

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Discount available to prepay your course. Payment plans and financing available.


We only hire coaches and instructors with certified ratings who truly love to teach.

CSC Location

Conveniently located in northern central Illinois, just 90 minutes away from: Chicago, Madison, Quad Cities, and Bloomington.


Most skydivers fall in love with the community aspect of the sport. From day one, you are part of our CSC family and included in social activities and special events.

You will never be on your own without support.

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