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There’s no getting around it, skydiving can be a terrifying prospect! At its core, jumping out of an airplane in flight involves trying to override one of the most primal fears we, as humans, have — the fear of heights. We are simply hard-wired to be scared of falling because we know instinctively that falling generally doesn’t end well, but here’s the significant bit… It’s SO MUCH FUN!

We’re pretty sure that if you’ve come as far as checking out our website and reading our blog then you’ve got a pretty solid interest in making a skydive. You’ve probably even done a bit of research into the safety aspects of the sport and have seen the statistics that tell you just how much more dangerous it is to get into your car each day than it is to make a tandem skydive. But… you’ve probably also thought about what might happen if things don’t go as planned on a jump and may have even come across the term “cutaway”. You’re not really sure what it means, but you’re also relatively confident you don’t like it. The term inspires images of World War II movies with a paratrooper doing battle with his malfunctioning parachute as he plummets to the ground, but the reality of a malfunction in modern skydiving is much less dramatic to say the least.

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