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Should I Go Skydiving?

First-time skydivers are typically a little nervous to jump out of an airplane. This is completely understandable, but those jitters are no reason to skip the experience altogether. If the first time skydiving jitters aren’t an issue and you’re ready to tackle your first skydiving experience, check out How to Prepare for Skydiving 101 for everything you need to know before you jump.

You decided to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Great choice, if we may say so.

The day of your reservation is approaching and you want to be sure you're ready for your first skydiving experience. 

We wanted to share some tips for what you can do to plan ahead and make your day as smooth as possible. Procedures and special considerations may vary per dropzone, but these general guidelines should apply at most skydiving facilities.

Here’s how to prepare for your very first skydiving experience:

First-time skydivers often do their due diligence before taking the jump by researching their freefall online. One topic of deep interest is skydiving safety, specifically, questions about your tandem skydiving partner’s qualifications, how long the fall will last, and — of course — how fast it’ll be.

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