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Haley started her skydiving journey in 2011, when her older brother gifted her first tandem jump shortly after her 18th birthday in Moab, Utah. In 2017, skydiving still wouldn't leave her thoughts, so she moved to Moab to start jumping and it's been the main theme ever since, taking her around the world. Haley is an AFF-I, Videographer and Tandem Instructor at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. Her main focus in skydiving, other than the passion for working in the sport, is freeflying and canopy work. When she's not skydiving, you can find her cooking, petting dogs and spending time outside.

For those of you asking, “What is an A-license?” It's the first requirement after you’ve decided to learn how to jump solo. It’s your entry into skydiving after you’ve decided to turn it into a hobby. After all of the training and hard work to become a “licensed jumper,” it’s a membership made official by a license that is issued through the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and you can officially skydive around the world.

You’re standing in front of an open hangar that comfortably fits three Cessna Caravan jump planes, looking out across vast lands of corn and soybean, the skies are big and blue with towering clouds the size of skyscrapers. To your left there’s a quaint RV park with a community garden, to your right a bustling restaurant and a sand volleyball court and you find your foot tapping away to catchy music playing out of the speakers. You’re in Rochelle, Illinois where the population count is barely surpassing 9,000 and you’re thinking to yourself: How did I get here? (Cue The Talking Heads) 

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