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Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith is CEO/President, and Guest Relations Associate at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. He has owned and operated the business since 2000. He has been skydiving since 1994, and in addition to leading the CSC Team, is currently an instructor, videographer and pilot for CSC.

As you’re planning your first skydive, you’re probably wondering how much time you’ll need to set aside for your big jump.

Taking a “tandem” skydive means that you’ll be strapped to a certified tandem jump instructor when you go up in the plane and jump out. Your jump instructor will be the one literally pulling the ropes so that you can go along for the ride and enjoy the thrill.

How long will your skydiving training take? When it comes time to do it, how long will you be in the airplane before it’s go-time? Once you take the leap, how long will you be in freefall— and how fast will you drop? 

Generally speaking, you can expect a skydive to take 2 - 4 hours from start to finish, beginning when you arrive at a dropzone.

The truth is, the answers to these big questions aren’t always the same. There are a few factors that’ll influence how long your skydive will last

In this post, we’ll break them down to help you plan your first freefall.

As you prepare for your skydive, you probably have some exciting jitters! 

You may be thinking, “should I eat before skydiving?” After all, the last thing you want is nausea when you’re in the air (or falling through it).

Many jumpers are worried about feeling sick or hungry mid-air, so they want to know the right things to eat and drink before boarding the plane. 

In this post, you’ll learn about some of the best foods you can eat before making a skydive — and when you should eat them!

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