Why Learn to Skydive Solo?

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You’ve done it. Your tandem skydive was the bucket list item to rival all other bucket list items. Now you can hold your head up high and revel in the satisfaction that comes with overcoming an almost primal fear and move on to more pedestrian pursuits, but there’s just one problem… it was FUN!

Perhaps you planned it that way. You simply knew deep down that you were going to love skydiving and the tandem you just completed was simply the first step. You may have been the type that thought you might enjoy your jump but that it would obviously be a one-time experience, or like many, you may have been talked into what you thought was going to be a terrifying experience only to find out that it just may have literally been the time of your life and you can’t wait to find out what’s next!

Well now that you’ve decided that your one time walk on the wild side might need to happen on the regular, you’re in luck! It’s time to find out all about our AFF program, and why Chicagoland Skydiving Center is the best place to learn how to become a full-fledged skydiver.


AFF stands for “Accelerated Freefall” and it is by far the best way to learn how to skydive. The Accelerated Freefall Program was designed and instituted in 1982 as an alternative to the traditional static line course, allowing for more in-depth instructor/student interaction and a “learn on the fly” design.

Your AFF course will begin with 6 to 8 hours of ground school in a traditional classroom setting where you will go through everything from your skydiving system and all of its components to an overview of each skydive you’ll be making, normal procedures, emergency procedures, the basics of body flight and more. Once you’ve finished ground school, you’ll have the confidence you need to go out and make your very first instructor assisted skydive with a parachute on your back and all the excitement that comes along with it!


Chicagoland Skydiving Center has a dedicated staff of incredibly talented AFF instructors who are trained and licensed by the United States Parachute Association, having completed what is widely considered the most difficult training program in the sport, earning their AFF Instructors Certificate. Their main focus is not only to maintain the highest safety and training standards but to pass those standards on to you. On top of that, they’re here to make sure you have a whole lot of fun along the way and ensure you’ll complete your AFF course, jumping into your new sport with a sense of accomplishment unlike any you’ve ever had before.

If you're interested in fast tracking your training, consider joining CSC  for one of our Freefall U Skydive Camps. Our Camps begin with the AFF ground school and are for people who are able to dedicate a solid 10 days to being on-site for instruction and jumping. This really is summer camp for adults. Bring a tent or grab a hotel room nearby and we'll get you licensed in no time. 


Skydiving isn’t simply a sport. Skydiving is an opportunity to continue to learn. There are a wide variety of disciplines involved, an amazing community and family to be part of, and more importantly, it teaches you about yourself and all the limits you can surpass!

Ever seen those incredible formations with what seem to be endless people in freefall and wondered what it would be like to accomplish something like that? Ever seen the almost mind-bending videos of winged men and women flying through some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet? Ever watched a parachute that looks more like a little fighter jet flashing across a pond with its pilot kicking up a spray in their wake? Well each and every one of them got their start just like you, and you now find yourself on a path that offers almost limitless opportunity! Who will your jumps inspire?


Sure it is! As with anything, some students find AFF easier than others, but all of them gain an incredible sense of accomplishment from the challenges that AFF provides. Skydiving is an intensely fun activity, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. In fact, it’s learning to enjoy the difficult challenges that make it so wonderful. The AFF course you’ll be going through is designed to provide you with the skills you’ll need to overcome the tough parts, with the flexibility to spend more time where It’s needed, as your instructors will be able to tailor your course specifically to your needs.

The sport of skydiving is so much more than simply jumping from an aircraft. Skydiving is an incredible sense of accomplishment. Skydiving is an almost endless learning opportunity. Skydiving is a worldwide community of like-minded people dedicated to squeezing every bit of living out of life. Skydiving escapes the mundane of day-to-day life and allows you to enjoy experiences that are only rivaled by the views!

It's time to change your perspective once and for all! Sign up for your ground school now and let us here at CSC show you what comes next. Click the link below to start your journey today!

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