But did you get your skydive on video?

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Bottom line, there simply aren’t too many things you can do that are more spectacular than your first skydive. For most people the entire experience, from the time you’ve made the decision to make that first tandem skydive to the booking process and then the waiting… awesome! It’s a sense of excitement that you can’t really put your finger on because up until that point all you’ve ever seen of skydiving has been on video. Video you say? Oh yeah… There’s just no way around it. This is one experience worth the video!

Let’s face it, we live in a world where if it isn’t on video then it didn’t happen. Everywhere you turn people are chronicling their lives in situations that don’t exactly need to be captured on film (like what they had for breakfast), but your first skydive is most certainly not one of those mundane experiences!

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve sat down with students who are still deep in the afterglow of an amazing first jump watching their video and saying, “I didn’t see that!” or “I was blowing you kisses?” or “Ha! Becky! Look at your cheeks!”

There is so much going on during your first skydive that there simply isn’t any way that you are not going to miss things. Some people only miss a few small details here and there, but some, well some flat out don’t remember a single thing! Until they watch their video that is. Luckily, there are actually a couple of different amazing ways for you to capture your first skydive:

Outside Video

This is where you’re going to have what is called a professional Camera Flyer with high end camera equipment attached to their helmet fly all around and with you through the entire experience, capturing not only what you and your instructor are doing from suit-up to landing, but all the amazing scenery as well. Once your parachute is open, they’ll race to the ground to be there for your triumphant landing!


This one is exactly what it sounds like. Your instructor is a master of multi-tasking! While you are busy screaming and laughing and soaking in everything around you, they’ll not only be busy taking good care of you through the experience but filming the whole thing as well, from a camera mounted to a glove on the back of their hand. This time, when the parachute opens, the camera stays with you, capturing all your reactions as they happen!

Both of these wonderful options not only allow you to share your experience with friends and loved ones (blowing their sushi dinner photo out of the water by the way…) but they give you the opportunity to relive your jump over and over; and perhaps get you so excited that you book round two!

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