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Chicagoland Skydiving Center is the original Chicago skydiving school. The company has introduced more than 300,000 people to the sport since 1968. With a 20,000sq ft campus in Rochelle, Illinois, perfect tandem safety record, highest industry standard in customer service, numerous annual events, award-winning aircraft, and a full service restaurant and bar on-site, CSC is the premier skydiving destination in the region.

After four years in business in Kankakee, Illinois, Skydive Greater is about to call a new place home. In March 2017, the father and son team of Brad and Cody Vancina will begin working at Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle, as skydive operations end at Greater Kankakee Airport.

The Vancina duo started the family business with the aim of providing exceptional customer service while enjoying their shared passion for skydiving. CSC looks forward to welcoming them to the team.

“...But I’m afraid of heights!”

Needless to say, we’ve heard it before. Notably, we’ve heard it from lots of people right before they experienced their first triumphant tandem skydive. Moments of fear don’t have to keep you from realizing your full potential. In fact, it’ll just convey extra bonus points when you land -- but if you need a little encouragement to get on that plane (or get out), you’re not alone. Here are five things you should know:

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