What Is a Skydiving Boogie & How Do You Join One?

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Have you ever heard of a skydiving boogie? If you haven't, it's time to learn about all the fun you can have at one, where to get involved, and how to sign up, so you don't miss out on the excitement. 

If you want to skydive as much as you can, have a great experience with plenty of other skydiving enthusiasts, and get involved with some adventure, a skydiving boogie could just be for you! There's a lot of jumping, but there's also a lot of community.

Essentially, a skydiving boogie is a party, where everyone gets together to skydive. It can last for an evening, for a weekend, or even longer. The main idea is for everyone to just get together and have fun as a community, while taking as many jumps as they can during that time. 

A lot of people love the interaction they get at a boogie, and the way the community welcomes everyone who wants to jump. Here's all the information you need, to decide if you're ready to get involved with a skydiving boogie.


How Can You Join a Skydiving Boogie?

First things first: you need to find a place that's hosting one. It's pretty hard to get involved in something that requires a lot of other people and specific equipment, if those things aren't available close to you. Every year, for example, CSC holds an Independence Boogie for the Fourth of July. 

It lasts the entire weekend, so you have a lot of opportunity to take as many jumps as you can. To join in this kind of boogie, you have to sign up. Then, you can usually stay as long as you like, from the beginning right up until it's over.

A lot of people choose to stay the entire weekend of the Independence Boogie, for example. There are options to camp in an RV or other type of camper, right on the CSC campground. But space there fills up fast, especially if you want an RV campsite with hookups for services. 

If you don't need services, though, there are usually more options for available space, even as the event gets closer. There are also hotels close by, in case camping out isn't for you, and you'd rather stay somewhere else. With all the good options in the area, you're sure to find a comfortable place that's close to all the adventures you want to enjoy.

One of the big advantages to most skydiving boogies is that there are other dropzones that have accommodations right on-site or close by, so it's easy to come and go. Not having to travel far can make the boogie a lot more fun, and can give you the chance to spend plenty of time jumping and just interacting with other members of the skydiving community.

It's a great way to meet new friends who have the same passion you do for skydiving, and to renew friendships with people from past boogies, too.

Usually, once a skydiving boogie starts, it just keeps going. It's on a 24/7 basis, right up until the end date and time. Not only does that give you plenty of time to have fun with other skydiving enthusiasts, but it also helps you enjoy jumps at different times of the day or night, that you might not have experienced before. 

It can really provide a unique and lasting memory of all the experience you'll have during the event. Bring a friend, or make friends there. There's always an opportunity for interaction at a skydiving boogie.

Why Would You Join a Skydiving Boogie?

You may not know this, but the skydiving community is huge. Most of the people in it are also extremely nice. They all want to come together and share their passion for the sport, but they also just love interacting with one another, too. A skydiving boogie is one of the best ways for a small group from the community to get together. 

They can welcome new members, celebrate skydiving, spend time with old friends, and talk about their lives and experiences. There's a camaraderie there that you just can't find in a lot of other places, or with people who have other types of hobbies.

Every year, people come back to these boogies because of the open and welcoming nature of the community. That sense of belonging is big, and important, especially in a world that can sometimes feel a little chaotic and stressful. Naturally, those aren't the only reasons to get involved, though. A skydiving boogie is just plain fun! There's also nightlife, all the jumping, and impromptu little parties that spring up everywhere, as groups get together and mingle.

If you want to jump as many times as you can, a skydiving boogie is here for that. But you don't have to jump that much, or even at all. You can sit around a campfire, hang out by the bar, have some great food, and listen to people tell tall tales about their jumping adventures. It's a great way to be part of something, and you'll be welcomed for your interest in skydiving and the surrounding community, whether you jump or not. Don't worry about feeling out of place, because there's room for everyone at CSC and in the skydiving community.

Ready to Join in a Skydiving Boogie or Other Event?

Skydiving boogies can be great fun. But if it doesn't sound like the right fit for you, there are plenty of great events at CSC. Check out what else you can join, and find the event that fits your needs, schedule, and interests. 

There are so many types of events that a dropzone can host, and CSC loves to offer options for skydivers and the community to get involved in. With all the options for fun and adventure, you can pick what sounds like the most fun for you!

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Douglas Smith is CEO/President, and Guest Relations Associate at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. He has owned and operated the business since 2000. He has been skydiving since 1994, and in addition to leading the CSC Team, is currently an instructor, videographer and pilot for CSC.