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First-time freefallers are often cautious to take the great plunge out of an airplane. That’s why before committing to the adventure, many find themselves on Google searching things like “how safe is skydiving” to calm their nerves. 

If that’s how you found us, you’re in luck! We’re here with the facts you were looking for to prove that skydiving is far safer than you might think.

Let’s look at how skydiving stacks up against other high-risk sports and share a few important safety features about skydiving gear and training:

If you’re gearing up for your very first skydiving adventure, you probably have a few concerns about how safe it is to freefall. That might be why you stumbled upon this article on skydiving statistics, after Googling things like “how many people die while skydiving” or “how often parachutes fail.” 

In this article, we want to show you the real numbers to calm your fears! You’ll probably be surprised to find skydiving is much safer than you imagined.

Here are four interesting skydiving statistics that every first-time tandem skydiver should know:

We’ve all seen the Instagram-worthy pictures and videos of thrilling skydiving experiences. It’s one of the most fun adventures you’ll ever take, and kids would love to join in.

Youths excitedly beg their parents to let them freefall, and some might even consider letting them. But how old do you have to be to legally skydive?

We’re here to answer all your questions about how old you need to be to take your first freefall.

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