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Without a doubt, the most important consideration we, as skydivers, have is the safety of
ourselves and our fellow jumpers. Most experienced jumpers are well versed in ensuring that
they maintain their own equipment and environment in a safe manner, but just as important is
helping ensure that you, as a licensed jumper, do the same for your friends and fellow skydivers.

You’ve been at this a while now. Your car seems to almost be on autopilot as you head to the dropzone sipping your morning coffee and running through your mental gear check to make sure you’re not borrowing an alti from the gear shop, again. Your crew is fantastic, and these brothers and sisters you’ve spent countless weekends with are closer to you than pretty much anyone. You love them all and you’re going to have another amazing and fun time, but…

As summertime kicks into full gear and we all try to get the most out of good weather days with lots of sunshine, there are a few things that you, as a licensed skydiver, can do to help us turn as many loads in a day as possible and give you more chances to hit the skies. Check out these great ways you can help us make this one amazing summer.

So, we’re about to let you in on the biggest secret we skydivers have managed to keep hush-hush all these years, and trust us, it’s a big one…

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