5 Reasons to Skydive on the First Date

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What do you think of when you think about a first date? Coffee? Dinner? Those can be fun, but what about doing something more unique and exciting? Experiencing something new with someone new is a great way to make a first impression that's memorable.

The spontaneity of a skydiving first date will give you both something to talk about for years. It's the creation of a shared story and an incredible adrenaline rush.

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1. It's an Instant Memory

Skydiving is a thrilling experience. If you do it on a first date, you can really make an unforgettable memory. Even if there's no second date, you'll have that adventure to talk about for years. Worried that skydiving will be scary? It doesn't have to be! And even if you're scared when you jump, you can be scared together! The memory of how you screamed, and then laughed, can be something you giggle over and share with others for a long time to come.

Why not take that leap of faith together, with someone new? A skydiving first date can be just the thing for an exciting experience together. Don't settle for a routine date neither of you think about later when you can do something spontaneous and interesting instead. That's how the best memories are made, after all.

Think back to past first dates. How many of them were exciting? How many do you remember clearly, or still talk about? If you're like most people, you've probably forgotten those dates. That's because they really weren't memorable. What stuck in your mind? Nothing, that's what! They didn't provide you with something to talk about. Skydiving is different! You'll always have something to talk about when you've experienced something like that together, so your first date will remain a fond memory.

2. It's a Shared Moment of Vulnerability

Are you and your date both jumping for the first time? Not only does that make memories, but you're also creating a shared moment where you're vulnerable. That can definitely bring you closer than getting coffee together or doing the old dinner-and-a-movie thing. Being vulnerable with another person makes you feel closer and more open to them, so you can start sharing more easily.

It can also be an amazing way to start something together if you want a second date. Showing vulnerability is endearing, too. Want your date to catch feelings for you faster? Vulnerability could be the way to do just that. It creates a sense of connection and provides a way for both of you to open up to the other one. Talking about the skydiving first date after it's over adds to that vulnerability and helps it stick around for the future.

A lot of people want to be vulnerable, but they might not be comfortable opening up to a stranger. With a skydiving first date, you create the opportunity to do that more easily. It's hard to hide your real feelings when you're jumping from an airplane and sailing through the air. So being vulnerable comes with the territory on a skydiving first date.

That opens the door to talk about hopes, dreams, and fears, all of which give you a closer connection. You may also share more laughs, as you admit to the other vulnerable areas of your life with someone new. Being vulnerable with someone is attractive, and who doesn't want to be attractive on a first date?

3. Skydiving Creates a Strong Bond

The thrill of skydiving on a first date creates an instant bonding experience. It's vulnerability mixed with adrenaline, and who doesn't love that combo for feeling close to someone? The excitement of leaping into the sky together will definitely start bringing you closer. Whether you keep dating, end up as friends, or part company, you'll probably still feel close to anyone you jumped from an airplane with.

4. It's a Constant Conversation Topic

First dates can be stressful, especially if you can't keep the conversation going. Those awkward silences and challenging lulls in conversation can make it hard to connect. With a skydiving first date, you'll always have something to say! You can talk about being nervous, or about the excitement after it's over, but it will definitely be a topic you can both relate to. Who knows what other great topics it'll lead to, and what you'll learn about your date after skydiving together?

It's not only about the conversation between the two of you, either. What about telling your family and friends about the amazing date you went on? Now that's a conversation they'll want to have. "Coffee? No. Dinner? Nah. Well, what did you do? We went skydiving!" No one's going to ignore the opportunity to ask questions about your adventure. Exploring fun and unique date ideas for the future could also be part of that conversation, so you can keep having adventures together.

5. It's the Perfect Lead into the Next Date

A skydiving first date takes all the pressure off for a second date! Once you've gone skydiving together, you can take a step back and plan something more low-key for the next time. Or you can roll right into something else adrenaline-filled and challenging. If you're jumping at CSC, you can even go right to dinner after your skydive, at our on-site bar and grill. That way you don't have to end the date after the jump when you want to keep it going. You sure won't be at a loss for dinner conversation, either!

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Ready to take that first date to new heights? Book your dream date with a skydiving adventure today! You don't have to settle for coffee and awkward conversation. Instead, do something exciting and unique right from the very beginning. When you choose a skydiving first date adventure, you'll have something to talk about for years to come. For unique first-date ideas, jumping from an airplane together is really hard to beat!

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