Destination Skydiving: What you need to know

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There are many reasons why you might be considering traveling to jump at a new DZ. Perhaps like us, you’re dealing with winter weather in a spot that just isn’t all that conducive to jumping out of an airplane. A nice cool breeze is great, but being able to feel your hands on deployment is always a big plus, right? So perhaps you’ve decided you’re up for a destination kind of experience. Or, maybe you’re searching for new avenues to pursue in the sport and the best coaches have yet to reach your DZ. Regardless of why you’re looking to expand the skies you fly, there are a few things to think about before heading off.

First off, How are you going to get there? Is it going to be a road trip, or a bit further abroad? Hitting the road makes things pretty straightforward. Cram all your gear in, try not to forget a toothbrush, and enough changes of clean skivvies and you’re good to go! But if you’re flying, there are a few more things you’re going to need to consider. 

Is your gear bag up to the task? The fear of checking equipment has been one that we as skydivers have had to deal with from the beginning, and a big part of it is making sure you’ve got a secure setup for your baby so the ever-dreaded baggage handlers will find it difficult to damage things. Or perhaps you intend to carry your one-and-only onboard. You’ll want to ensure you have an X-ray card for the AAD you use. Both Vigil and CYPRES provide security screening cards meant to help your friendly neighborhood TSA agent keep from putting you in a small room while they investigate or trying to open your rig while asking if you have anything sharp inside... Another good thing to print and take with you is the TSA documentation for AADs. Links can be found at the end of this blog! 

Picking a destination can depend on a million different factors, but the big questions to ask yourself should be things like how much you intend to jump, the availability of coaches or load organizers in the discipline you’re looking for, the lift capacity of the facilities, the climate and the cost. Another big factor to take into consideration is the requirements of the DZ you’re looking to play at. Is it a destination location that requires a certain license to jump? Do they accept your license as is, or do they require you to convert to their federation? Ask around and research before you #SendIt. 

Then, of course, there’s the people and the vibe! Are you looking to meet with old friends, or meet a whole new group? With skydiving, it’s practically one degree of separation, so chances are if you don’t know someone, you know a dozen who do, so in a lot of great ways, traveling specifically to jump can easily turn into a reunion of sorts; but it can also be a bit intimidating. Finding out about events or upcoming camps is a great way to get into the groove at a new DZ and will quickly pair you up with like-minded jumpers looking for the same things.

If you’re home DZ is a seasonal one like we are, then expanding your horizons by traveling can help keep you current, and avoid some of the spring hassles we sometimes have to deal with when we’ve let things get a touch dusty… It’s great to travel and find new experiences in the sky, but it’s also nice to come home! We can’t wait to welcome you back for the summer season. 

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