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You’re not alone. Every new skydiver has questions that they need answered before walking onto an airplane with the intention of jumping out. If you’re considering bringing in a group to share the experience, you’re certain even more questions will arise. We’re here to help! Note that some of these answers vary depending on where you choose to skydive, so it’s important to research different dropzones if there are a few you are trying to choose from. Here’s what you can expect when you jump with CSC, the original Chicago skydiving school.

A full list of skydiving FAQs is available on our website. Here are a few thorough answers to the most common questions we hear.

“I care about the people in my group. Is tandem skydiving a safe activity to suggest that we do?”

Tandem skydiving is the safest method for first-time jumpers to participate in the sport. Like any other extreme activity, there is an inherent risk in participation in tandem skydiving, but statistics consistently show that everyday actions and common sports are more dangerous. Canoeing, playing football, hiking, driving a car, even going to a dance party (yes, really) are more likely to result in death than going skydiving.

We are proud of our perfect tandem safety record. We maintain that record by taking every precaution we can before, during and after your skydive to keep you out of harm's way. This goes beyond the jump. It means enforced  spectator areas, procedures near aircraft, never skipping inspections, maintenance and repairs to our aircraft and gear. We will not cut corners when it comes to safety.

CSC Team members are held to the highest standard in the industry when it comes to customer service, safety culture, and training. You can be sure that any staff member you encounter at our facility was hand-picked for the job. We take our responsibility seriously to handle such precious cargo.

“Will anyone in my group have to jump by themselves?”

No. Each member of your group will be securely attached to a licensed, professional tandem skydiving instructor for the duration of the jump. The instructor guides each passenger step-by-step through the process, answering questions and handling all the technical aspects of the experience. Becuase we fly turbine aircraft with capacity for up to 24 passengers, CSC can accomodate friends who want to jump on the same flight. We will make sure you get to enjoy the experience together.

Every student is trained before the jump about the basics and what to expect. At CSC, you can be involved as you desire. If you want to ride along and have your instructor take care of everything, that’s just fine! If you want to perform spins or maneuvers in freefall, deploy the parachute and help fly your canopy back to the landing area, you can do that, too! Our instructors are passionate about skydiving and love to teach any curious student more about our wonderful sport.

“What if I'm afraid of heights?”

It’s natural to feel some fear about climbing to jump altitude. For most people, however, fear of heights isn’t as paralyzing as they anticipated. From the plane, the ground looks like a big, beautiful map or picture.

Consider the following comparison. If you are standing on the side of the highway, cars zooming by at 70mph would seem very fast because they are so close. If you were to watch the same highway from a mile or more away, the same cars moving the same speed would appear to be going by much slower, and would not seem so scary. The same principle applies to those with fear of heights. Once you're up the the airplane, the distance from the ground gives more comfort. Plus, you’re wearing a parachute, so falling is the whole point!

The sense of heightened stimulation you’ll feel during a first-time skydive is a big contributor to the feeling of accomplishment you’ll feel when you land. When you turn your fear into excitement, there’s nothing better.

“Will we get videos of our group’s high-flying adventure?”

CSC can provide HD still photos, and up to two different camera angles of HD video of your tandem skydive. Professionally shot still photo and video packages are available to ensure that your group’s finest moments live on forever in social media and private collections. Trust us, your friends are going to want to see this.

With three packages and price points, we'll leave the choice up to you for what suits you best. The basic package even lets you "try before you buy." Purchase video or photos, and we'll be sure the professional videographer jumping with you shoots both. If you like the other option when you land, you can choose to purchase those before you leave.

You’ll go home with your digital media on a USB drive, and we’ll even take care of uploading your video to YouTube for you. Just visit our channel, search for your name, and share!

“What if a member of my group really doesn’t want to skydive? Do they have to miss out?”

Absolutely not. For your guests who want to check out the action, but aren’t quite ready to jump, observer flights are available in the cockpit of the airplane. It's truly a front row seat to see a friend skydive! Even if you’re not in the mood to get on a plane, the dropzone is a fun place to spend the day.

CSC’s facility is an entertainment venue that features skydiving, which means any non-jumper can cheer from the spectator-friendly grounds. CSC is the only skydiving center in the world to feature a full service restaurant and bar open to the public, along with courtyard, patio bar, sand volleyball court, and rentable tent pavilion for private groups. Everything overlooks the skydiver landing area, and active runway at Rochelle Municipal Airport. There’s free, fast wi-fi throughout the campus and regular live entertainment on weekend nights at the Flight Deck Bar & Grill.

“I still have questions. Who can answer them for me?”

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of answers to the most common questions we’re asked. Check out our FAQ list to see if your answer is waiting for you there. If it’s not, please contact us. There are several ways to reach us.

  • Online Chat: Click the Chat Help button on the right side of any page of our website. Our customer care representatives are available during office hours. (It’s really us you talk to!)
  • Email: customercare@skydivecsc.com (We check this account every day, throughout business hours.)
  • Phone: 815.561.3663 (Representatives are available during office hours, and if we miss you, just leave us a message)

Then, of course, the most important question: What are you waiting for?

Contact the CSC Event Concierge to plan an amazing day for your friends and family. Or, book your tandem skydive online!

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Chicagoland Skydiving Center is the original Chicago skydiving school. The company has introduced more than 300,000 people to the sport since 1968. With a 20,000sq ft campus in Rochelle, Illinois, perfect tandem safety record, highest industry standard in customer service, numerous annual events, award-winning aircraft, and a full service restaurant and bar on-site, CSC is the premier skydiving destination in the region.

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