5 Reasons CSC Is One of the Best Places To Skydive in the US

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We don’t have a culture that fosters bragging, but people absolutely love our incredible skydiving facility, our staff, and our frequent and new jumpers alike. Seriously, why would anyone want to skydive anywhere else?!

Skydivers flock to our dropzone from other states (and countries) to enjoy our unique skydiving culture and family — and we are asked time and time again: why?

So... we’ve put together what we feel are the five biggest reasons Chicagoland Skydiving Center is one of the best places to skydive in the United States! Let’s jump into it! (Pun intended!)

1. We have a perfect student safety record

That means that everyone who has ever been skydiving with our tandem instructors kissed the ground safe and sound. We proudly maintain this perfect safety record and attribute this badge of honor to our extreme emphasis on safety.

Here are a few ways we offer exceptional safety measures in the realm of skydiving:

All of these safety protocols are why the readers of Blue Skies Magazine voted us at CSC the Best Safety Culture— a title we are wildly honored to uphold.

2. We have a different “vibe” than other skydiving centers

Sometimes a particular place or person gives off an unexplainable feeling of trust, positivity and comfort. You can’t always put your finger on why, but there’s something special about the way they treat you, as well as how they make you feel in the moment and long after you leave. We think that the best places to skydive in the US should have the right vibe.

In his review of our dropzone, Carlos Felix said, “From my very first tandem jump there I felt safe, I felt included in this family, I felt like I belonged there.” 

That vibe is one of the reasons that he drives four hours (and passes by five other dropzones!) to freefall at Chicagoland Skydiving Center, exclusively

He adds, “Is saving a little gas money worth it to give up this part of the experience? For me, no.”

From our playful yet professional tandem instructors to our emphasis on safety, there’s an energy at CSC that not all skydiving centers offer.


Sure, freefalling is a blast, but why not make a whole day out of your skydiving adventure? Before or after your jump, watch others take the plunge from our Flight Deck Bar & Grill.

The upbeat restaurant and bar is an amazing hangout to enjoy a beer with friends and celebrate after your jump. With both outdoor and indoor seating, you can either be right in front of the action or in a private space, right by your drop zone.

Our 20,000 square foot facility sits on a six-acre campus amidst the Rochelle Municipal Airport and is also an incredible spot for parties or special events. That’s right! We host reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, divorce parties (no joke), fundraisers— and from November to March we open our airplane hangar for banquets and weddings.

4. We host a number of exciting events

Not only can you book our facility for your own private events, but we also host many public events during various months of the year. From games on our competition sand volleyball court and live music to skydive competitions and huge holiday bashes, our events calendar is always packed with fun activities for the whole family.


After skydiving with us a few times, you’re bound to catch the freefall bug. As one of the best dropzones in the USA, we offer a United States Parachute Association (USPA) approved training program, which we call, “Freefall University Skydiving School” or Freefall U.

Our instructors are passionate and extremely experienced— and our lessons are packed with exciting insights mixed with practical application. At the end of your Freefall U training, you’ll earn the USPA A license, which allows you to solo skydive all over the world. Quite the accomplishment!

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Curious to see what others are saying about us? Sure, we could toot our own horn all day long, but we have some pretty incredible reviews to support our claims.

Denis Tucker said on our Google Reviews, “The experience was more than I could have expected. The staff is great. The facilities are great. The skydive was truly amazing.”

But that’s just one review. Check out our Google Reviews for yourself. Then, give us a call or book your jump, today.

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Douglas Smith is CEO/President, and Guest Relations Associate at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. He has owned and operated the business since 2000. He has been skydiving since 1994, and in addition to leading the CSC Team, is currently an instructor, videographer and pilot for CSC.

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