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Lizzie Biagioni

Lizzie Biagioni

Lizzie Biagioni is an adventurer. When she isn't skydiving, she's working at iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Naperville, Illinois, spending time with animals, or traveling.

I became a licensed skydiver on November 1, 2015. As I approach my one year anniversary, it got me thinking about how much the sport has changed me. As a Freefall University student, I learned about skydiving and how to fly a parachute. But, beyond the freefall, the knowledge and accomplishments I gained go far beyond what I imagined in the beginning.

Skydiving changes your life. The way you think, and the way you live are forever altered. I want to share my story with those considering this journey...and those who think they could never do something like this.

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