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Kristen Acton

Kristen Acton

Kristen lives in Stillman Valley, Illinois. When she isn't working for Barnes & Noble, she spends her weekends volunteering at Heartland Community Church - and of course- skydiving!

This article is part of the [In Your Words] series. These are real stories, written by real people, who have made a tandem skydive at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. Our goal is to shine light on the many reasons people choose to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. Want to share your story? Email us!

Growing up, my dad always talked about how he was taking each of his kids skydiving when they turned eighteen. He was so excited to share this extraordinary experience with the people he loved most. Unfortunately, my siblings and I didn’t grow up quick enough to have that experience with him. After battling cancer for several years, my dad passed away in 2013.

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