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Jason Kane

Jason Kane

Jason Kane is Manager of Guest Relations at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. He leads the manifest and customer service teams. He joined the CSC Team from SkyVenture Colorado, and is now a videographer, load organizer, tunnel coach, and fun jumper. His focus is creating a fun and service-based environment at CSC.


At any dropzone, the manifest staff is an important part of the operation. Organization, efficiency, and friendliness must be at the core of what this department is all about. The right people and processes in place can mean flying a few extra loads, avoiding an unnecessary start on the engine, creating positive energy in your facility, and ensuring you don't burn a drop of extra fuel in the loading area waiting for your fun jumpers.

Manifest is a fast paced, high pressure environment, and requires a lot of simultaneous task management. But sometimes these employees don't get the help or attention they need from their managers in order to succeed. At CSC, everything we do in this department is designed to do one fundamental thing: enable manifest to do their job without any internal roadblocks. We share our system of hiring, training, and retaining manifest staff in this article, with the hope we may help other dzs enjoy the benefits we've seen from a great manifest team.

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