Almost time! Being Prepared for Opening Day

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For many of us, opening day at the DZ means spending our precious daylight getting re-current, getting repacked, putting money on account, catching up with friends and more. I’ll give you some tips here to help you prep to maximize the amount of time you can spend in the sky and be ready to go.

If you have your own gear, call or text your rigger now! The CSC loft is open all year. With less than two months to go, orders will get more backed up as we get closer. Have your repack done and ready to go, even if it means you may have to get another before the end of the season. Is it really that bad to have your reserve inspected mid-season? It’s your life after all.

Don’t waste time at Manifest! You can fill out the waiver online before your arrival anytime at For money on account, CSC accepts payments through the BurbleMe App, and various other options such as Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal. Load your account up ahead of time or take advantage of block jumps to get a discount. 

Attend Safety Day. We often forget or overlook simple things when we don’t think about them for extended periods. You may be surprised by the things you learn. It’s also a great way to engage with the local community and hear about things like the safety reports from the previous year, new technologies in the sport, and how CSC in general is progressing.

Now the big one, recurrency training! 

This can vary greatly and is deserving of its own blog post, however, I have some pro tips for you. Call or email the DZ ahead of time to schedule your spot and let them know your experience level! If you have 500+ jumps and just need a coach jump, they can probably squeeze you in much easier than someone still on student status that needs a new ground school.

What can you do in your own time? Be proactive. The SIM is your best friend in off seasons and anytime you need help. Read it thoroughly and practice your emergency procedures. If you show up to recurrency training well prepared, you’ll not only be safer but will progress and finish in a more timely manner, allowing you to go play with your friends sooner.

If you visit us on opening day with these tips in mind you should be able to have a great start to the season and be well prepared for anything that comes your way.



Ryan started skydiving in 2009 when a friend randomly asked him to tag along. It changed his life forever and he began working for the dropzone shortly after. Along his journey he worked at many dropzones across the country in many different roles such as Ground Crew, Manifest, Packing and Video Editing. He became a Tandem Instructor and AFF Instructor in 2018 and has completed 2,000 skydives. Ryan is currently a Safety and Training Advisor and Full Stack Developer at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. He loves coding during the week and watching landings on the weekend to educate and help foster a safe community. When he's not working you'll find him playing piano, recording music or hanging out with friends.