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2019 Summer Camp Pro Pass memberships expire 30 days after purchased start date. Reservations and prepayment in full required no later than 15 days prior to start date. CSC reserves the right to deny this offer to anyone for any reason. Members must adhere to safety regulations set forth by the FAA, USPA, and CSC. Members must be licensed to jump in the United States, per the rules of USPA. Memberships apply only to jumps from Sky Team Aviation, Inc. (CSC) aircraft while flying at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. Aircraft minimums apply. Specialty aircraft slots excluded. Memberships are non-transferable. Refunds or early cancellations at the discretion of CSC management. Members are not entitled to an additional altitude pass on any given load, but may exit on any scheduled pass, up to 14,000ft. Membership does not include back-to-back loads without a shutdown. Pre-manifesting not included. Pro Pass slots not applicable during competitions, including but not limited to USPA Nationals. CSC reserves the right to cancel a membership for any reason including, but not limited to, illegal activity on the airport or behavior deemed inappropriate by CSC management. Other restrictions may apply.