Leading Movement Groups Master Class

With Gian Franco of "Release the Dragon"

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 11.02.35 AMThis camp is oriented to people interested in leading movement jumps. The camp is designed for anyone that wants to learn more about angle flying and how we should put together good and safe angle dives.

The course has 2 main parts: Classroom and Leading Jumps (we will alternate that in order to have a more interactive dynamic and to be able to
immediately put in practice what we have learned).

Classroom: We will discuss the nature of movement jumps, identifying risks, the key elements that we need to consider in order to lead safely any movement jump and cover every step in the Leader’s Role (preparation, briefing, on the jump, break off, under canopy, and debrief). We will analyze some videos with good practices and incidents. Also, we will do some exercises in designing a safe flying plan under different conditions at CSC and another DZs.

Gian Franco - Release the Dragon

Leading Jumps: Each participant will have to lead at least one jump, where you will have to cover the full process in real time, with the available conditions, leading the rest of the group. In that process, the event organizer will evaluate their performance during the complete process and will play the role as a camera flyer, in order to be able to debrief the jump (under the leader perspective).

Extra Jumps: If we have time available after the program is completed, we will continue jumping (we can keep practicing some leading or the event organizer can lead some fun jumps for the group).  

Minimum requirements to participate: 

  • 400+ jumps (ideal)
  • Experience in angle flying, been proficient on your belly, in order to lead a steady and predictable dive plan for a group of 5 more flyers.
  • AAD required

Registration: Only 6 slots available. $120/person plus your jumps.