NSL 4-Way Competition

June 29, 2019

The National Skydiving League has been a big part of the 4-way scene for many years and the Midwest Skydiving League has been successful part of the NSL. Join us on June 29th for a fun-filled day of challenging 4-way. This event is open to all licensed jumpers, regardless of experience level. Looking for people to jump with? Contact us and we will connect you with other jumpers looking to participate. Let's make 2019 a huge year for teams at CSC and the Midwest Skydiving League. 

  • Competitor briefing - 8:30am
  • 6 rounds
  • $100 per team entry fee
  • Prizes and team rankings
  • End of day "big way" organized by Rhythm XP
  • Seminars, video debriefing, creeping, etc will be planned in case of poor weather

We encourage CSC teams to travel and compete in all of the 2019 Midwest Skydiving Leagues competitions.

  • Meet 1 - 5/25/2019 @ Skydive Chicago
  • Meet 2 - 6/29/2019 @ CSC
  • Meet 3 - 7/20/2019 @ Skydive Midwest
  • Meet 4 - 8/24/2019 @ Skydive Chicago

Please share this page to encourage as many participants as possible.