Midwest Movement Madness (M3)

Are you looking to be challenged? M3 is going to be a 5-star skills camp at a 5-star DZ...

CSC Midwest Movement Madness

  • 3 amazing coaches
  • 4 full days of jumping
  • Opening BBQ and epic closing dinner party
  • Gifts and more surprises

This is a unique event at CSC! Join Mike Wittenburg, Kai Kai Buchholz, & Gian Franco Malinconi for four days of freefly, angles, 3D jumps, and larger group madness.

We are considering three groups of five people plus an organizer. Groups will stay the same and LOs will rotate every day. The groups will be based on experience level and skill set.

Event registration includes:

  • Opening briefing and BBQ Tuesday night (July 14th)
  • 4 days of amazing organized jumps and coaching
  • Special closing dinner at Flight Deck (Saturday night after last jumps)
  • Party and drinks (Saturday night after dinner)
  • Event T-shirt and sponsor gifts

$400/person (does not include your jump tickets or accommodation)


  • Must be able to safely fly in groups of six (5 participants plus 1 coach).
  • Must be able to fly angles safely inside your designated quadrant in either back or belly.
  • 300 jumps minimum or have a recommendation from a coach.
  • AAD mandatory