2019 Independence Boogie


The Midwest's Best 4th of July event is on! Aircraft, organizers, and special event agendas will be posted here. Get yourself registered!

  • Super Grand Caravan
  • Super Otter
  • SkyVan
  • Helicopter
  • Plenty of amazing load organizers
  • Beer Olympics
  • Vendors
  • Flight-1
  • Party LOs - Chadeo & Derham
  • Fill out your waiver before you arrive

July 3 - Unofficial start of the event with $19 jumps all day. No organizers, just cheap jumps!

July 4 - Official start of the 2019 Independence Boogie followed by the World Famous Beer Olympics

July 5 - Superheros & Villains Party including all-American burgers & dogs cookout and beer - Come dressed in your world saving or ending attire.

July 6 - 'Murica Night and fireworks display - invade your cousin/spouse/baby daddy's closet because there is nothing more attractive than a redneck in RED, WHITE & BLUE! Also, there will be things to ooooooo and awwww about in the sky.

July 7 - Chadeo & Derham's All-American Beach Party - What better way to relax from the 100 jumps you made this week than to sip a fruity drink poolside? The pool will be filled and the drinks cold! 

  • Mike Wittenburg
  • Gian Franco
  • Wes Sandler
  • Adam Wirtz
  • Andy Kilpatrick
  • Anne Webster
  • PJ Jackson
  • Mike Weiss
  • Raymond Adams
  • Erica Mundinger
  • Chris Bohn
  • Sandy Grillet
  • Trunk
  • Logan Dean
  • Paul Webster
  • Eric Bambach
  • and more... 


Staying on the DZ? Camping is free. CSC's RV park is completely full, but we can accommodate RVs that don't need services. Looking for a hotel? Be sure to ask the local hotels for the skydiver discount. Click here for more information.