Angle Camp with Luis Prinetto of Fly4Life

July 16 - 19, 2020

Angle camp with the best angle fliers in the industry!

Camp Format:

  • 4 day camp - Thursday thru Sunday
  • Participants will be organized by skill level in groups of 5.
  • Groups will stay the same throughout, unless changes are necessary.
  • Coaches will rotate every day. Bringing in different flying styles, and ways to explain the techniques in practice.
  • 6 jumps per day (more if there is time). About 40 minutes between jumps. Plan the flight, go fly, pack (use a packer), video debrief, repeat.
  • $450USD (plus jumps)


  • Must be able to safely fly in groups of 6 (5 participants plus 1 coach).
  • Must be able to fly angles safely inside your designated quadrant in either back or belly.
  • 300 jumps minimum or have a recommendation from a coach.
  • AADs are mandatory