2019 Merit Boogie at CSC


Join us for the best Labor Day weekend event in the Midwest. 

  • Free Registration (but please register so we know who's coming)
  • Friday, August 30 - $23 jumps all day long to celebrate Mario Mariadiaga's birthday
  • Pot-luck dinner - bring a dish to share
  • Saturday, August 31 - Load organizing by Erika Mundinger (belly), Mikey Silva (freefly & angle), and Gian Franco (freefly & angle) plus other LOs and and our amazing coaches and mentors.
  • Saturday Night - Student olympics - games to win sweet prizes to kick off your gear collection. If you've been a student at CSC within the past 12 months, you are eligible to participate. Oh, and free beer!
  • Taco bar - $10/person
  • Sunday, September 1 - Competition Day & Hinckley Reunion
  • Sport Accuracy Meet organized by Paul Helser
  • 4-way belly scrambles organized by Erika Mundinger
  • 2-way MFS scrambles organized by Mike Silva and Gian Franco
  • Wingsuit competition will coincide with Next Level Wingsuit Summit hosted by Val Sobol
  • Sunday Night - entertainment, drinking games, pizza, and free beer!
  • Monday, September 2 - Celebrate one last long weekend of summer with another day of $23 jumps all day.
  • Huge thanks to our sponsor Merit

Load Organizers include:

  • Mikey Silva
  • Erika Mundinger
  • Gian Franco
  • Ana & Nico
  • Adam Wirtz
  • Anne Webster
  • Paul Webster
  • Terry Rago
  • Michael Hoover
  • and more... 


Staying on the DZ? Camping is free. CSC's RV park is completely full, but we can accommodate RVs that don't need services. Looking for a hotel? Be sure to ask the local hotels for the skydiver discount. Click here for more information.