This is the dream job for a talented photographer, videographer, and editor. This position reports directly to the DZO, completing ongoing projects for various promotions, advertising, and events.

Contractors must have S-Corp or LLC (office may not be paid as individuals or employees). 


To succeed on our team, you must truly value the entire experience every guest has at the dropzone. You will develop trust with your team members, communicate respectfully, and contribute positively to the community vibe of the dropzone. You take pride in your work and welcome feedback and training. You will embrace our core values

In return for your commitment to making CSC the best it can be, we offer you a work environment you can enjoy. You will learn new skills and meet awesome people. You will have direct access to management and your feedback will be valued. 


CSC operates April thru October. We fly every day during peak months and limited days per week in the early and late season. This position requires being based at CSC May thru September, and attendance of all major events on our dropzone. Some work can be performed remotely, and for the right candidate we can be flexible for up to one week per month spent away from the DZ with an understanding that you represent the CSC Team when traveling to other dropzones.

Pay is negotiable and commensurate with experience. Ideally, this person is on retainer for a set fee per week or month. For the right candidate, we would be willing to make this a hybrid role between the marketing department and jump staff. For example, a candidate with instructional ratings or videographer experience who wants to stay current with those skills could negotiate a set number of days per week to be in rotation.

Position Summary: This person will be responsible for capturing, editing, producing, and creating compelling visual media to be used for various CSC promotional projects. This includes but is not limited to: tandem and AFF highlight reels, ads, boogie edits, event promos and recaps, social media content, and website content.

A project management background is preferred, as this position will manage content creation from pitch/concept to completion with accountability to deadlines. This person will transport, set up, and operate various production equipment including cameras, audio and video recorders, lighting equipment, props, and microphones for location and studio production. Additionally, will performs editing procedures and collaborate with manager to secure any necessary resources for the project.

Sometimes this person will need to capture the footage, so an experienced skydiver with skill in multiple disciplines is a very desirable candidate. However, many projects will be completed with footage captured by other videographers, or shot on the ground. This is not a full-time skydiving job.

Position Requirements: Age 18 or older. Fluent in English with good grammar and spelling. Ability to maintain a positive attitude while multi-tasking and meeting deadlines. Knowledge of photography, video production, and editing. Some graphic design background needed. *Please submit a link to a portfolio where CSC can view samples of your work with your application.*

Valuable skills: Licensed skydiver with USPA C license or higher (or foreign equivalent). Coach or instructional rating a plus in order to jump with students. Demonstrated history of safety in skydiving environments, and proven ability to fly with belly and vertical formations, tandems, canopy flocks, and wingsuits. Some marketing background is preferred.

Perks include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Fun team to work with
  • Free jumps for experienced skydivers, discount jump training for novice skydivers
  • Access to a variety of events, camps, and competitions
  • Annual staff appreciation outing
  • CSC will provide confirmation materials as needed for students to receive internship/work credit at school

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