Parachute Packers

CSC has openings available for nylon compression specialists. Previous experience is a plus but not required. Training is available. While all applicants will be considered, preference will be given to FAA riggers. Contractors must have S-Corp or LLC (packers may not be paid as individuals or employees).


To succeed on our team, you must truly value the entire experience every guest has at the dropzone. You will develop trust with your team members, communicate respectfully, and contribute positively to the community vibe of the dropzone. You take pride in your work and welcome feedback and training. You will embrace our core values

In return for your commitment to making CSC the best it can be, we offer you a work environment you can enjoy.


CSC operates April thru October. We fly every day during peak months and limited days per week in the early and late season. Flexible scheduling is available based on packer availability.

In addition to customer sport rigs, packers handle the CSC fleet which includes UPT Vector SE student systems with PD mains and UPT Micro Sigma tandem systems with Sigma 340 mains.

Contractors are paid every two weeks when invoices are submitted on time. We make an effort to respect your time by proactively communicating about scheduled reservations, weather, or other issues that may affect operations. 

Perks include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Free weekly staff jumps for experienced skydivers, discount jumps training for novice skydivers
  • CSC will provide confirmation materials as needed for students to receive internship credit with their school

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