CSC has full-time and part-time positions available for dropzone ground crew. Previous experience is a plus but not required. Training is available for all aspects of this position. Contractors must have S-Corp or LLC (ground crew may not be paid as individuals or employees).


To succeed on our team, you must truly value the entire experience every guest has at the dropzone. You will develop trust with your team members, communicate respectfully, and contribute positively to the community vibe of the dropzone. You take pride in your work and welcome feedback and training. You will embrace our core values

In return for your commitment to making CSC the best it can be, we offer you a work environment you can enjoy. You will learn new skills and meet awesome people. You will have direct access to management and your feedback will be valued. 


CSC operates April thru October. We fly every day during peak months and limited days per week in the early and late season. Full time contractors are expected to work a maximum of 40 hours per week. Part time contractors are expected to work a maximum of 25 hours per week. Overtime may occur during special events or holiday weekends.

Pay is hourly, commensurate with experience. Contractors are paid every two weeks when invoices are submitted on time. Typically, ground crew are only on the clock during active skydiving operations. We make an effort to respect your time by proactively communicating about scheduled reservations, weather, or other issues that may affect operations. 

Requirements: Candidates must be 18 years of age or older, with a valid driver's license. You should have the strength to lift at least 75 pounds. You should not have any health conditions that prevent you from working outdoors in typical Illinois weather or in the vicinity of loud engines.

Ground crew tasks include but are not limited to: Setup/teardown of tables, chairs, A/V equipment, tents, stages, lighting, or other items for special events. Transporting firewood, mowing, planting, and landscaping. Various facility cleaning and maintenance. Airplane loading and fueling. Skydiver and canopy retrieval for off-airport landings and cutaways. General operations assistance as assigned.

Valuable skills: electric, mechanical, plumbing, construction, or landscaping knowledge. An eye for detail. Project management experience. The ability to seamlessly bounce between tasks throughout the day.

Previous experience working for a dropzone is not required, however some familiarity with skydiving and/or aviation is a plus. All ground crew members will receive training and only progress to working in close proximity to active aircraft once safety procedure milestones are demonstrated.

Perks include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Free weekly staff jump for experienced skydivers, discount jump training for novice skydivers
  • Annual staff appreciation outing
  • CSC will provide confirmation materials as needed for students to receive internship credit with their school

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