Aircraft Rental

Aircraft Rental

Sky Team Aviation, Inc. operates a DeHavilland DHC-6 200 Super Twin Otter and a PAC 750XL

The Twin Otter is legendary for its short takeoff and landing capabilities. It can carry 3,000lbs plus fuel for a 4 hour flight. Cruising speed is 150mph, with slow speed flight of only 70mph. The aircraft is fully IFR equipped and configured for one pilot operations along with 23 jumpers. The aircraft is normally a 19 passenger airliner. Obviously, the space available for equipment is immense. There is a 50 inch by 53 inch cargo door on the side of the aircraft with a retractable lexan windscreen installed. This may be opened in flight to allow for skydiving activities or better visibility. Types of work are normally skydiving, military airborne operations, aerial cinematography, media event coverage, and search & rescue. Any airborne mission which requires hauling heavy equipment aloft and/or flights that include unimproved short runways are suited to the Twin Otter. Please contact us for aircraft availability at 815.561.3663

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