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CSC recognizes the importance of staying connected even when you're at the drop zone and we've put a lot of work into building excellent communications systems. We provide free wifi from nine wireless access points, covering both inside the facility as well as the RV park and campground. We will be adding two more access points to further extend coverage into the courtyard and loading area. Of course, the foundation of a good wireless network is a good wired network. We pulled cable literally everywhere during construction, providing Gigabit Ethernet to the entire facility, including to guests in the lounge and team rooms. Ports are serviced by switches in three different areas, which are in turn connected to a multi-gigabit ring. CSC accesses the Internet via Rochelle's municipal fiber network as well as a point-to-point service from a regional wireless ISP. Our network automatically balances traffic between both providers and automatically routes around failures. In terms of performance, pings to downtown Chicago show about 7 milliseconds round-trip, and speed tests routinely report 50 mbps uploading and downloading. Some of you may know that the Internet is running out of addresses. IPv6 is the solution to this problem, but deployment has been slow, due in part to the complexity of providing IPv6 without disrupting IPv4 access. CSC is ahead of the curve: we've provided native IPv6 connectivity (both SLAAC and DHCPv6 with prefix delegation) since April 2012.

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Other Useful Information:

  • Download the CSC vCard. What is a vCard?
  • Text "follow CSCweather" to 40404 to receive our daily weather report via text.
  • Text "METAR RPJ" to 41411 to receive current weather conditions at CSC. Don't know how to read METARs? Click here.
  • Call 815.562.2955 for automated weather reporting for the Rochelle Municipal Airport.

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