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You deserve the best experience. Your money gets you more at CSC than any other skydiving facility.

What you should ask when comparing skydiving providers:

  • How many of my friends can go on the same plane together?
  • What altitude will I be jumping from for this price?
  • How long is the average wait time after checking in?
  • What is there to do while I wait? What can spectators do while we wait?
  • If I buy photos or video, will my instructor strap a sports camera to his wrist or will a professional aerial photographer go with us?
  • What kind of food options are at the facility?
  • What do previous guests say on Google Reviews, Yelp, TripAdvisor and other review sites?

Below are CSC's tandem skydiving prices, group discount rates and weekday specials. Our rates are competitive in the area and we care about your entire experience, not just the skydive. CSC is the only skydving center with a full service restaurant and bar on-site: Flight Deck Bar & Grill. We also have the shortest average wait time between check-in and boarding the plane.

The PROshop, Rock Sky Market gear store and rigging loft, Freefall University School, free fast public wi-fi, RV park, camping area, sand volleyball court, bonfire pit and generous spectator area are for the enjoyment of all guests. For those skydiving, our highly experienced and friendly staff are well-respected in our industry. Find out why CSC has been repeatedly voted the best mid-size dropzone by jumpers all over the world.

Tandem Pricing

Exit Altitude Retail Book Online Online Gift Certificate Student & Government
(discount code GOV)
30 Seconds of Freefall
$169.99 $159.99 $159.99 $159.99
60 Seconds of Freefall
$219.99 $209.99 $209.99 $199.99
18,000' w/ Oxygen
Available May thru Sept only
$269.99 $259.99 $259.99 $249.99

14,000' Weekday Tandem Skydive Specials

Day Special Price

Ladies' Day


Extreme AltiTuesdays! Get 50% more freefall time with a FREE upgrade from 14,000ft to 18,000ft.


Pay Your "Weigh"

$1 per pound (min $160, price will never exceed retail)

T-Shirt Thursday

$199.99 incl. free t-shirt
Do It Twice! (M - F)

Do two 14,000' tandem skydives and save. One person only. Available Monday through Friday.


Multimedia Options | Learn More

Package Price
HD Video or Digital Still Photos on CSC Branded 4GB USB Drive $99.99
HD Video & Digital Still Photos on CSC Branded 4GB USB Drive $129.99
Ultimate HD Video Package (Two Camera Perspectives) $179.99

Group Discounts | Download Group Registration Form

Exit Altitude 5 - 10 People 11+ People
30 Seconds of Freefall
60 Seconds of Freefall
$189.99 each plus free video or photos for the group organizer $179.99 each and the group organizer jumps for FREE!
18,000' w/ Oxygen
Available thru Sept 29 only
$239.99 each plus free video or photos for the group organizer $229.99 each and the group organizer jumps for FREE!

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