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Are you looking for a way to make a free skydive? Chicagoland Skydiving Center wants you to raise money for your cause, or help support our annual charity events, and we'll give you a free tandem skydive for successful fundraising.

In partnership with, CSC allows individuals to create online fundraising pages, collect money for charity, and book a free skydive once the $500 point is reached. Do you want your experience captured on DVD and/or digital stills? Of course you do! Raise $750.00 and CSC will give you a free tandem skydive along with the level 1 multimedia package.

You can pick one of our partner charities, or choose your own, but think of the possibilities for raising awareness for your cause by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

$500.00 = 1 Free Tandem Skydive

$750.00 = 1 Free Tandem Skydive with Level 1 Multimedia Package

Click here to start your CSC Skydiving for MS fundraising page.

Click here to start your fundraiser for the charity of your choice.

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