Freefall University Skydiving School

Freefall University Skydiving School

Chicagoland Skydiving Center is home to Freefall University - one of the safest skydiving schools in the United States. Freefall University offers a United States Parachute Association (USPA) approved training progression. After completing our program, you will have earned your 'A' license. This license allows you to jump with your friends and skydive anywhere in the world, but it's just the beginning. For detailed information regarding our training progression visit this page.

CSC is a full-service skydiving center that can offer you more. We strive to make every part of your experience amazing from the moment you arrive at the dropzone. We have invested millions of dollars into our custom designed private facilities to provide you with a top-notch learning environment. In addition, our approach to aircraft safety and skydiving equipment have raised the bar across the skydiving industry. You won't find equipment in our gear room over three years old. We believe the biggest differentiating factor is our team of professionals. We attract some of the most talented skydivers in the world to work at CSC. Why? Because of our approach to safety and customer service.

The best gear, the best facilities, the best aircraft, the best instructors. Need we say more?

Below is our package pricing for our Freefall University A License program. If you are a comparison shopper be sure to note that the below package includes all 25 jumps required to achieve your USPA A license. Some other organizations you may research may not list pricing for the complete 25 jumps that are necessary and therefore may seem to be a cheaper program so please do your due diligence.

We admit that you may be able to find slightly better pricing at other locations but at CSC we refuse to be a "Price Brand." We offer the best aircraft, instructors, and equipment in the industry and we feel strongly that skydiving is one sport where it's best not to cut corners and risk your life to save a few dollars. We're competitive in our pricing but although we can't guarantee we'll be the cheapest we can offer an incredible experience that will prepare you for a safe and fun skydiving career.

Freefall U Package

Levels Jumps Price
Introductory Tandem 1 $189.00
Freefall University Training Tandem 1 and 2 2 - 3 $199.99 Each
Freefall Ground School   $99.99
Freefall University Level 1 - 7 (1 Instructor) 4 - 10 $190.00 Each
Freefall University Level 8 - 12 (Mandatory 1 Coach Jumps) 11 - 15 $95.00 Each
Freefall University Level 13 (Low Altitude Solo Jump) 16 $60.00
Freefall University Level 14 - 22 (Solo Jumps Towards 25 Jump Requirement for A License) 17 - 25 $60.00 Each
Total Price $3,093.97
Pre-Paid Package Price (10% savings) $2,784.57

Freefall University Videos

FU Level 1 Video

FU Level 2 Video

FU Level 3 Video

FU Level 4 Video

FU Level 5 Video

FU Level 6 Video

FU Level 7 Video

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