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Give your team or your clients the time of their lives and they'll give you 110 percent!

Get them seriously motivated this year and keep your staff on your side, your clients happy, and your customers coming back! If you want the ultimate company outing, to entertain your clients in a truly memorable way, or offer incentives to your staff, suppliers or customers that really motivate and make a difference to your business, Chicagoland Skydiving Center has the solution for you.

The CSC Corporate Services Team can create the ultimate tailor-made program to suit your goals and with special rates for companies we will meet your budget.

Contact the CSC Corporate Services Team to find out more:

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Exit Altitude 5 - 10 People 11+ People
30 Seconds of Freefall
60 Seconds of Freefall
$209.99 each $199.99 each plus 1 free jump
18,000' w/ Oxygen
90 Seconds of Freefall
$279.99 each $269.99 each plus 1 free jump

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