Rigging Loft

Contact: Jenny Verner - 815.561.3663 x213 or jenny@rockskymarket.com

Other services are available - cost estimates given upon consultation. Rock Sky Market services skydiving, BASE and other parachuting equipment. Please contact us about your specific needs.

Necessary parts may not be included in prices listed, and are subject to applicable sales tax and shipping fees. Prices are subject to change.

Service Price
Reserve Repack $70
Main Pack Job (mandatory if main is with rig) $10
2-3 day Rush Reserve Repack $40 upcharge to regular repack price
Same Day Rush Reserve Repack $80 upcharge to regular repack price
Tandem Reserve Repack $90
Inspection Only (single component) $15
Inspection Only (complete system) $30
Complete Rig Assembly and Reserve Repack $125
Main Assembly $15
Untangle Main Canopy $10
Replace AAD Battery or Cutter $10
Install AAD on AAD-ready rig $10
Cypres 4 or 8 year check $215
Wash Rig $55
Patch Canopy $49 and up
Replace Racer Closing Loop $30
Reline Sport Canopy $310
Reline Tandem Canopy $475
Hourly Shop Rate $60
Monthly Storage Fee $10

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